Working To Protect You

A Family Law Practice Treating Clients With Care And Consideration

When you have a legal issue that requires the help of an attorney, you should always be able to expect personalized attention from a lawyer who cares. This is true regardless of the legal matter, but it is especially important in family law cases.

At The Law Office of Bradrick J. Collins, PLLC, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Having a solo practice means that my clients always work directly with me and can easily reach me when they have questions or concerns. I understand how personal and vulnerable a family law issue can feel, and I strive to be as supportive as possible during this difficult time.

A Range Of Family Law Services And Representation

No matter what issue or issues you may be facing, chances are good that I can help you resolve them. I offer comprehensive representation in family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Property/asset division
  • Child custody (officially called conservatorship in Texas)
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Modifications to custody and support orders
  • Adoptions

Whether your case will be relatively simple or complex, I am ready to guide you through it from start to finish.

Dividing Property And Assets

Texas is among a small group of states to use the “community property” model of asset division. This means, with few exceptions, that property acquired by either spouse before the marriage is separate, while property acquired during the marriage is considered equally owned by both spouses, and therefore, subject to division.

This also applies increases in asset value during the marriage, even if the asset itself predates the marriage. Retirement accounts are a good example. If your spouse had a pension or 401(k) that predated the marriage, the premarital balance of the account would remain separate. But you would likely be able to claim a fair share of the value added during the marriage.

Property division can be complex, but I have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you claim all the assets you are entitled to.

Discuss Your Legal Needs In A Free Consultation

The Law Office of Bradrick J. Collins, PLLC is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and I serve clients throughout Texas. I am pleased to offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients. To discuss your case with a caring and attentive family law attorney, call my office at 469-656-4012 or email me today.